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Dam Liner Prices (Price per square metre)

0.5 mm thickness - Ksh 250/sq mtr
0.75 mm thickness - Ksh 320/sq mtr
1.0 mm thickness - Ksh 420/sq mtr

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About Dam Liners Kenya

Welcome to your home of dam liners and fish pond liners. Our wide selection of liners includes everything you need for a reliable water tight bade for your dam or pond. We are the leading supplier of dam liners in Kenya and beyond.

Our experience in this industry allows us to provide you with the best selection of dam and pond liners. We have all the gauges you would need, different colors, designs and so much more for you to choose from. Further, our products are only from renowned manufacturers and therefore quality is guaranteed.

Being based in Kenya, we are not limited to our borders. We are always looking for innovations in materials for dam lining to make sure we bring you only the best products in the market. Our products are suitable for all types of projects whether large commercial projects or small ones at home.

Choosing a dam liner material for the first time can be confusing. There are so many materials to choose from including Butyl, EPDM, HDPE, PVC, and others. Which material is right for your project? Call us now and our professionals will help you choose a material that best suits you needs and budget.

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Dam Liners price in Kenya

Changing weather patterns in the country and globally are increasingly making water a very scarce resource. As such, water storage by use of dams, ponds and pans is now a very common practice. To ensure you manage this important resource properly when it is available, quality dam liners are required. The dam liners price in Kenya depends heavily on the quality of the liners and the technology used to make them.

Dam liners are geosynthetic or geomembrane materials made using materials such as reinforced polyethylene. Dam liners made of these high quality materials can prevent seepage from the pond or dam for at least two decades and even longer when they are buried under soil or sand to prevent UV degradation.

Superior quality at the best dam liners prices in Kenya

If you are looking to invest in these high quality dam liners that will make it worth your while, then you are at the right place. When you invest with us, the dam liners price in Kenya becomes a non-issue because quality is guaranteed.

Once you have made your investment in dam liner material, you do not want to re-line it again soon because it is an expensive affair. You also don't want to lose water to seepage especially if the soil is highly porous. You therefore need a dam liner that is high resistance to abrasion, puncturing, and damage by UV light. That is exactly what we offer you.

There is also the issue of toxicity that most people overlook. You should consider what the use of the water will be. Will it be used for irrigation? Will it be filtered for drinking? Will it be pumped directly or filtered first? As a leader in supply of dam liners, we have products that are toxic free that allow you to pump the water directly for irrigation and other uses without the need for filtering. This way you save on extra costs.

Besides offering superior quality products, our products are also budget friendly. We supply products directly from renowned manufacturers therefore we offer exceptional prices as compared to our competitors.

100% Custom dam liners

While choosing a dam liner, you also want to consider the installation process. Installation is a key aspect because it determines how well the dam liners will serve you. When properly installed, dam liners will work as expected and live to the expected lifespan. First, you need to ensure that the dam bed and walls are well prepared. The edges should hold the dam liner and keep it in snug in place.

As a supplier we understand how important this installation process is which is why we offer 100% custom dam liners for our clients. No two dams will exactly be the same. Dams differ widely in size, shape, and so forth. As such, we offer full bespoke solutions to meet all your needs perfectly. Whether you are looking to line a very big oddly shaped dam or are looking to line a small pond in your garden, we have the right solutions for you.

To cater for all types of projects we offer dam liners in different gauges or thicknesses. This way you can get the right liner for your needs. Whether you are into fish farming or want to store water in a dam, we have the best liners for you. Do not worry if you are not sure which thickness you need. Our professionals are on standby ready and waiting to help you out. We offer everything from 0.3 microns to 1mm gauge. The later are tough and can easily be joined together for a custom fit. Our dam liners are available in large pieces of 120M length by 8M width which makes them very easy to customize for any size of project.

If you are in the market for dam liners, then we are here to help. We supply high quality dam liners from renowned international and local manufacturers. Our dam liners are made of virgin materials and therefore they are not toxic. Come enjoy superior quality dam liners, professional services and the best dam liners prices in Kenya today. Contact us for a custom quote.